My name is Batool, but I’m mostly known as Bat or B, so you can call me whichever you prefer. Not only an avid reader and goofball, I’m also a student and professional procrastinator.

Studying Psychology, and Egyptology; yes its as hard as it sounds, I’m a newbie blogger and hope to become better at it, while also find time for it, and get the hang of it before going completely off track! A girl with a busy schedule and stressful, but mostly broke, days to come, I’m basically just another average twenty year-old on the outside, with cravings for sweater weather, generous cups of coffee, and well written books.

And if you were wondering, yes, this blog is crafted on my love for coffee. For now being a book blog, I hope to add other topics to it in the near future. So welcome, take a seat, have a snack or a drink, and enjoy my ramblings and feelings for books being spilt all over the internet.

If you are an author or publisher, please read my review policy before contacting me.


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