horrifying halloween recommendations

If you’re anything like me, living in a country that doesn’t celebrate or party on Halloween, but rather keep decorations up, you might be sitting there wondering how to kill time at the end of October.
So I thought why not come up with a list of horror books for you guys to read? I usually don’t like recommending books because I think its up to the person him or herself to figure out what they like, but you know, why not? Sometimes its hard to find horror books or just need a new different kind of read that is mildly interesting and aren’t cliché. Maybe thats why you’re here. I got you, boo.

*This list is not in any particular order, I add based on thought process and the books that come to mind first.

**I know this list is fairly short, but trust that I will update as more come to mind.


The Road by Cormac McCarthy

A book I’ll almost always recommend when asking for a horror novel. The thing about this book isn’t as much as the fact that its horror, but the fact that its as realistic as it can get. Following a man and a boy through post-apocalyptic America, trying to find a safe haven in a world where cannibals roam the streets, and they got nothing but a pistol and themselves. There are no fictional monsters or fantastical beasts involved. Its set in our world, with a story that could actually happen in real life. Like actual horrible things that already happen in the real world, taken to the next level. I think that makes this ten times scarier than any other horror story I’ve ever read. You will see a lot of realistic horror concepts like this one on this list. (I highly recommend the movie as well.)


The Dumb House by John Burnside

Now, holding on to the realistic horror concepts. I stumbled upon this one randomly on Goodreads, and was intrigued by the story and reviews. The edition pictured was hard to find, but eventually, my sister got ahold of it and brought it while visiting from the UK.
Let me be clear when I say this: this book is fucked up. I know The Road is just as disgusting, but man this book is on a whole other level. Essentially, the story is based off of a myth, about a guy who built a palace with infants, where only mute nurses could take care of the children, to see if communication through speaking is learned or a thing you automatically know. And based on this myth, we have our MC trying the exact same thing on his own family. Not only is it about a guy who experiments on his own children, but you actually get to read the whole thing from his perspective. A disturbing novel from the sick fucks POV? I guess this really belongs in the Halloween recommendations. Or the mental institution. I’ll let you decide.


Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

This one I own but haven’t read just yet. I will be doing that this Halloween though! I’m going based off of friends thoughts and my niece wanted to pick it up but basically put it down after a few pages because she thought it was too creepy and eerie. I’m not sure how scary this will be, even though I cheated and flipped through it (its a graphic novel if you didn’t know by now), but I imagine its going to be one hell of a creepy atmosphere when I do read it. The book is a collection of short stories, and based on Goodreads reviews as well as I mentioned before, friends thoughts, this is going to be one interesting read!



As mentioned before, I know this list was very short, but as more come to mind or the more I read, I will be adding to the list. I have yet to find a lot of interesting eerie books myself, so if you got any recommendations, doesn’t have to be horror just anything that’ll make me feel uneasy, to add or read, I’d love to hear them in the comments!



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